Beautiful: Derika Bean had the Full Glamazon treatment by Christopher Vee at The Club at Elbow Beach. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead
Beautiful: Derika Bean had the Full Glamazon treatment by Christopher Vee at The Club at Elbow Beach. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead

Derika Bean is our lucky makeover winner thanks to a multitude of Facebook friends voting for her. 

Her desperate, pre-makeover plea was: “I’m a mother of three. I haven’t been to a salon in over three years and I need help. HELP! I deserve a makeover.”

And after: “I had a lot of fun. It was a wonderful experience... exactly what the doctor ordered. 

“Christopher Vee is absolutely amazing, very talented and knowledgeable. His spirit and energy made the whole experience better.”

The good news is that every month you have the opportunity to win this  fabulous prize courtesy of Christopher Vee at The Club, Elbow Beach Hotel. Visit the Bermuda Sun’s website for more information. 

The Full Glamazon...

• Make-up

When I met Derika I knew I wanted to make those beautiful cheek bones pop and do what I call a Full Glamazon look on her! 

 Priming gave an immediate glow to her flawless skin and a bit of highlight and concealer sealed the deal! 

 I did tweeze some stray hairs from Derika’s eyebrows and the look she gave me just as I was about to start let me know she had not done her brows in a long time! n I added brow powder and a slight arch to them and it made a world of
difference after the tweezing. 

 I primed her eyes to even out the colour and used a soft gold shadow to keep with the warm undertone of her skin all over from lash line to brow bone. 

 A dark matte burgundy shadow was then used in the corner of her eyes through the crease to give definition and that diva effect! 

 To give the illusion of larger eyes I used lash clusters across the entire top lash line adding depth and finished with lashings of black water resistant mascara from Kryolan. 

 The eyes were lined top and bottom in black waterproof gel liner from Kryolan. n As a warm blush works well on skin of colour with yellow undertones, I stuck to that theory and used an apricot blush just above where I contoured the hollows of her cheeks. 

 Nars stick highlighter was used strategically on top of cheekbones, in the cupids bow of the top lip and in the chin area for that soft glam glow and I finished by custom blending a dark burgundy lipstick with a bright red one to finish this look on Derika . 

Congratulations again Derika you were a pleasure to work with!

Christopher Vee is based at The Club, Fritholme Gardens, Cataract Hill, Paget | Tel:  236-5612 | Email:


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