Transformed: Audrey Dean before (inset) and after. Make-up by Christopher Vee at The Club at Elbow Beach and hair by Carina at The Cutting Room. *Photos by Nicola Muirhead
Transformed: Audrey Dean before (inset) and after. Make-up by Christopher Vee at The Club at Elbow Beach and hair by Carina at The Cutting Room. *Photos by Nicola Muirhead

Audrey Dean is the winner of our Monthly Makeover contest and she has undergone a sensational transformation. 

From au naturel cutie curls, to sleek, demure and sophisticated. We think she looks festive and fabulous.

When she entered into the competition Audrey  told us: “I’m a hardworking mom who always puts time into others and would like to be the one who gets pampered this time.” Well she certainly did.

The good news is that every month you can have the opportunity to win this  fabulous prize  courtesy of Christopher Vee at The Club, Elbow Beach Hotel and selected hairstylists. Please visit the Bermuda Sun’s Facebook page or our Makeover Contest section for details.


Festive holiday glamour...

• Make-up

Seeing as it’s the holiday season, I wanted to do a look on Audrey that reflected that. I would call it a  “festive holiday glamour look!” 

Perfecting her concealer and foundation was key to this look as beautiful skin was the focal point of this look. I paid extra attention to this by using Kryolan HD Cream Foundation. 

• After highlighting her eye area I used a full strip of lashes for a  glamorous night time look without having to use lots of dark eyeshadows to smoke the eye. False lashes are a great way to draw attention to eyes with minimal work ladies! I did use Kryolan  Faceliner in matte black to define the lash lines on the top and the bottom as well to seal the look. 

I then custom blended three different matte powder blushes to create a strong warm look as I went minimal on the eyes to balance it out. Always remember ladies that if you want to do drama on the eyes then its always best to do a light colour on the lips and vice versa so as to look classy and polished not garish! Kryolan High Gloss in “ Kir” finished this fun cocktail hour look taking Audrey right into the night to celebrate the holidays!" 

- Christopher Vee
 is based at The Club, Fritholme Gardens, Cataract Hill, Paget | Tel:  236-5612 | Website: 

• Hair

I coloured Audrey’s hair with a glossy demi medium brown by Matrix. At the front I added colour RED by Matrix for a little dimension, then her hair was ready to be styled. Before colouring, Audrey’s hair was all natural curls in which seemed very weak in some areas. So I wanted to give her a style with continuous shine and smooth straight look using all products by Paul Mitchell.

Firstly I put a gentle application of Super Skinny Serum, which smoothes, conditions and seals strands. 

• For a show-stopping shine with silky smooth texture finish, I worked in a spray-on polish — The Shine — within the hair for an unbelievable shine which helps with all year round weather.

• Before I started to apply heat, I applied Hot Off The Press thermal protection spray which protects fragile strands from damage caused by heat styling. This boosts hair strength, fights frizz and provides hold.

• Then I started to straighten the hair and give the front some edge for that RED to pop, adding shape and contour to her face.

• I finished her hair with Hold Me Tight finishing spray that secures any style with a strong, long-lasting hold. It enhances shine and reduces flyaways which dries fast without stiffness build-up.

• I highly recommend Audrey to follow up for a trim which will help her hair grow silky and smooth without the dryness to the ends and breakage. 
- Carina Azevedo is based at The Cutting Room, The Armoury Building (Red Carpet), 37 Reid St, Hamilton.  | Tel: 292-0577  

Product of the Month

Kryolan faceliner is a newly formulated pencil for application on eyes and lips.

With a soft texture for delicate application, Faceliner is both gentle and incredibly durable.