Glowing from within: Zawditu Maryam looked positively radiant after her makeover at The Club at Elbow Beach and hair by Renaissance Hair.  *Photos by Nicola Muirhead
Glowing from within: Zawditu Maryam looked positively radiant after her makeover at The Club at Elbow Beach and hair by Renaissance Hair. *Photos by Nicola Muirhead

Zawditu Maryam is the overall winner of our Monthly Makeover contest which proved to be a hot battle on the online voting front. 

She is a deserving winner for more reasons than that. She told us: “I’m a single mother of a one year. I need to change my look but I do not have the funds, need to reinvent myself.” I don’t know about you, but we  think she looks fabulous.

The good news is that every month locals will have the opportunity to win this  fabulous prize  courtesy of Christopher Vee at The Club, Elbow Beach Hotel and selected hairstylists. Want to enter? Click here. 

Beautifully bronzed...

• Make-up

I wanted to create a a warm look on Zawditu...I call it Beautifully Bronzed.

• Trying to keep Zawditu’s lovely, young face as natural as possible, I lightened under her eyes with a yellow based cream concealer from the BenNye Media Pro HD Palette. 

• I then sparingly used some cream foundation from the Caribbean ultra foundation palette from Kryolan on the rest of her face. Once set with powder her face was left with a “lit from within” glow. 

• After cleaning up a few stray eyebrow hairs, I filled them for some definition. 

• On her eyes I first started with her lashes. Not wanting to use a lot of eyeshadows on her I thought this time I would try something different and use lash clusters across the entire top lid. After coating with mascara,once added, the clusters opened up Zawditu’s eyes and drew attention to them without all the fuss of shadows and the result was gorgeous! 

• On the actual lid I used gold and bronze shades to add warmth to her lids and keep the glowing look . After lining her lash lines (top and bottom) with a chocolate kohl pencil from MUFE her eyes were

• I then used a warm bronzer on the high points of her face that would normally get “kissed by the sun” to complete the look. No blush was used as I wanted to highlight Zawditu’s natural warm undertones.

• A a neutral lip liner was used all over lips and Kryolans High Gloss in “cherry blossom”was used on top. She was now “Beautifully” Bronzed” and ready to go anywhere she wanted, looking polished yet natural! 

Christopher Vee
is based at The Club, Fritholme Gardens, Cataract Hill, Paget | Tel:  236-5612 | Web:



Zawditu’s hair was a little dehydrated so I wanted to give her a style with continuous shine and smooth curls using all products by Paul Mitchell.

• Firstly I put a gentle application of “Super Skinny Serum”, which smoothes, conditions and seals strands. 

• Then I applied “Worked Up” which is a spray that provides a long-lasting flexible hold, boosts shine and reduces static.  

• Before I started to apply heat to the hair I used Hot Off The Press thermal protection spray for fragile strands damaged by heat styling. It boosts hair strength, fights frizz and provides flexible hold.

• I added a brow-skimming fringe which added shape and contour to her face.

• For a show-stopping shine with silky smooth texture finish I worked in a spray-on polish “The Shine” which helps with all year round weather temperatures.

• I finished her hair with “Hold Me Tight” finishing spray that secures any style with a strong, long-lasting hold that enhances shine and reduces flyaways which dries fast without stiffness build-up.

Carina Azevedo is based at Rennaisance Hair & Beauty Salon, 1st Floor, Windsor Place, Queen St  | Tel: 292-8273 | Email:

Product of the Month

Kryolan High Gloss
is a specially developed lip gloss with special pearl pigments based on Mica providing the lips with extraordinary radiance. High Gloss is available in a range of vivid shades for the modern look. With High Gloss, the lips become the focus of each make-up.