Target shooting is just one spectacle on offer when Bermuda hosts the NatWest Island Games, which marked its 100-day countdown today at the National Sports Centre.

The Games is set to feature up to 2,000 athletes from 24 islands from July 13 to 19.

Fourteen sports will be played at 15 venues across the island including Warwick Academy, Berkeley Institute, Clearwater Middle School, Cedarbridge Academy, the Tennis Stadium, Warwick Camp and more.

As well as the traditional sports of athletics, volleyball, swimming and football, the Games will also, as in previous years, feature shooting.

Games director Chuck Milican said the event would be held at Coopers Island and Warwick Camp for pistols, rifles and shotgun shooting.

“We’re working closely with the Government and police to bringing  these weapons into the island and that’s been very successful.

“Bermudians will participate in all sports except pistols.”

Acting chairman of the Bermuda Island Games Association Paul Scope, who became involved in the games through football, added:   “There’s been many great athletes in these particular games. For Bermuda, it was a natural fit.

“Just about a decade ago, Jon Beard approached the Games committee to see if Bermuda could become a member.

“We were told we would be favourably received if we could host the games.

“Now, a decade later, we’re here hosting the games to the Bermuda population and the 2,000 visitors.”

Minister Wayne Scott participated in the Island Games in 2003 in Guernsey in cycling.

He said: “During the summer of 2008, Bermuda secured its bid to host the NatWest Island Games 2013.

“Since then, a great deal of planning and preparation have been undertaken to ensure that the games are well facilitated and are the ultimate success we all envision.

“This is a unique opportunity to showcase what Bermuda has to offer not only as a venue for sports, but all that our island has to offer from our beautiful scenery to our lovely people and we will do all we can to give you the best games ever.”

School children will be able to participate through educational packets that will be sent to all the schools.

There will also be a contest for school kids to enter to name the mascot, which is a tree frog.

Sponsors for the games include Bank of Bermuda Foundation, Butterfield and Vallis, Butterfield Bank, Digicel, Platinum Re, XL Foundation and more.