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*Photos by Glenn Tucker

It is with a great deal of Bermudian pride that I wish to thank the organizers and sponsors of this year’s Bermuda Day Appleby Half Marathon Derby and the spectacular Heritage Day Parade. This year did not disappoint, as we saw the many runners in fine form, taking to the streets. Congratulations to Mr. Tyler Butterfield – Male Winner and Mrs. Ashley Estwanik  - Female Winner.   To all of the athletes who dared to compete in this illustrious race, congratulations on a job well done. The weather cooperated and each runner no matter their position must be commended for a stellar performance. 

In addition, the Heritage Day Parade was exceptional. To the Department of Community and  Cultural Affairs and everyone involved in ensuring that this parade went off without a hitch, we thank you for your efforts.  The spectacular float entries and the well practiced performers participating in the parade were second to none.  The hard work and many hours of preparation was quite obvious as we saw the various submissions make their way through the parade route. 

It was indeed an exciting day and one which will go down in history as perhaps one of the very best Heritage Day Parades to date.