Cedar Avenue on Thursday afternoon. *Photo by Raymond Hainey
Cedar Avenue on Thursday afternoon. *Photo by Raymond Hainey

Dozens of people today staked their places for a grandstand view of one of Bermuda’s biggest days of the year.

People camped out along Cedar Avenue and at other spots in the city to ensure a clear picture of tomorrow’s Bermuda Day host of events.

Sharleta Franklin, who works in a supermarket HQ, travelled all the way from her home in St David’s to grab a prime position on Cedar Avenue.

Ms Franklin, 44, said it had been a tradition for ten years – and that she was due to be relieved by a friend after a five hour stint in a folding chair near the Leopards Club, although she had been well supplied with drinks and snacks.

She said: “I like Cedar Avenue – I’m usually a bit further down, but I’ve still got a good spot.”

She added: “It’s worth it in the end. It’s a beautiful day. I enjoy the runners and the bands, the drums, the Gombeys and majorettes. Everything with a drum beat I like.”

Howard Amory, from Pembroke, who was taking care of four spots across the road from Ms Franklin, explained: “This is the spot.

“From here, you’ve got the parade, the runners and the cyclists. Everybody comes across here.”

The 50-year-old construction worker was also working a shift system with friends and he said he was due to be relieved at 4pm after five hours.

He added: “It’s first come, first served and I’ve got the day shift. Other people will be here right through the night.

“This is my first year doing this, but the group has had this spot for four years.”