FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14: The possibility of a merger between American Airlines and US Airways increased this week.

American, which flies to Bermuda out of New York and Miami, has been struggling financially and wants to file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US.

However, its creditors committee wants a new contract approved with the pilots union and there’s fat chance of that happening after the Allied Pilots Association overwhelmingly rejected the last offer.

On top of that, they authorized a strike vote for October 3 so if you’re booked on AA around that date, you’ll need to stay on top of this as it could impact your travel plans.

They’ve been trying to hammer out a new deal since the old one expired in 2006.

So why is that important to Americans’ creditors?

They want the airline to prove it can bring its costs under control.

US Airways want to purchase American and they’ve already done the necessary legwork by getting condition contracts from all of American’s major unions. The pilots are the last group that American needs to get under contract.

The other unions have agreed to cuts that will use a buzz saw to cut the number of employees at the airline by a whopping 31 per cent — from 10,975 staff to 7,625.

Air Tran

The merger with Southwest is still on track but moving at a snail’s pace. I spoke with several AirTran employees earlier this year on how they felt about joining Southwest and most were looking forward to having better benefits.

One staffer was more philosophical and told me: “There’s both good and bad, but there’s more positives for us than negatives.”

Which is sort of like the service we received at the counters on that trip.

Two of the three check-ins were smooth and the staff were professional. On the third one, the supervisor probably needed to be replaced by the way the counter staff were acting.

There were long lines and the check-in kiosks were mysteriously not operational.

All three check-in people were chewing gum and saying to one another, almost laughingly, “You can only handle one customer at a time. That’s all you can do.”

It was like they were on a go slow.

Car rental

Alamo is offering $10 off a three-day weekend rental with its Crack up the Good Times Deal. That’s not much of a savings, but if you’re looking to squeeze every last dollar out of your vacation or business trip, then you’ve saved yourself enough to treat yourself for a Big Mac Meal at Mickey D’s and still have a couple bucks left over to splurge on a bag of crisp at the airport.

That’s not exactly my idea of “cranking up the good times”, but to each his own.

The deal is only good at participating locations in the US and Canada on compact cars or above. You can get the weekend rate as early as 9am on Thursday and it must include a Saturday overnight.

While there is a three-day minimum you can make it for as many as five days.

The offer is valid for rentals through October 13. Book online at

Delta-Accor Hotels

Earn four times the normal Delta Skymiles  when you book a stay in one of Sccor’s over 2,500 hotels. This deal is good from September 1 to October 31.

You’ll need to go to