Luxury: The inside of a cabana at Elbow Beach. *Photo suppllied
Luxury: The inside of a cabana at Elbow Beach. *Photo suppllied

Affluent visitors to the island now have options when it comes to enjoying Bermuda in the most luxurious fashion possible.

From poolside cabanas to $1million golf excursions, the high rollers can now enjoy a more fabulous side of Bermuda.

Elbow Beach now offers beautiful poolside cabanas, a la Las Vegas style to keep  guests comfortable while visiting the island.

Sophie Dier, communications director of the hotel said: “Elbow Beach’s Poolside Spa Cabanas are a wonderful option for cruise ship visitors that want to escape the crowds on their ship for a day and avoid the throngs of people on the public beaches.

“Renting a cabana gives them exclusive access to our intimate resort’s amenities including the pool and private beach so that they can enjoy a truly luxurious experience while they are in Bermuda.”

Ms Dier said there are five cabanas located at the eastern end of the pool.

“The cabanas offer a multitude of amenities for tranquility and refreshment. 

“Poolside attendants are on-hand to cater to guests’ needs.

“Our spa cabanas are large enough to accommodate up to six people and have all the amenities you could need for a day of fun in the sun.

“The cabanas are equipped with wireless Internet, a personal sound system and a flat screen television with over 200 channels of high definition cable for when they’ve had enough of the bright Bermuda sunshine.

“Additionally, guests can experience a variety of spa treatments in the privacy of their cabana.”

Amenities include towels, sunblock, magazine, complimentary water and sodas, food and beverage service, a full bathroom with shower and more.

Asked why tourist should rent the cabanas, Ms Dier said: “Many visitors to the island contact us regarding day passes for our half mile stretch of private beach and beach amenities such as sun loungers, umbrellas etc. Those facilities are exclusively for the use of hotel guests, members and those that rent one of our Poolside Cabanas for the day.

“So not only do they get access to the lovely pool facilities at the resort, they also get access to our coveted beach experience.”

The cabanas are available for $495 per day from 10am to 5pm.

Another luxurious way to spend time in Bermuda is at the Port Royal Golf Course.

Golf Director Alex Madeiros organises special tournaments for tourists and cruise ship passengers.

One specific excursion is the NCL Casino at Sea, which is in its second year.

The tournament is an invitation to high rollers that qualify.

For those who don’t but are cruising the week of the tournament, they can pay $400 per person to participate. Port Royal prides itself in our unique ability to provide tournaments to cater to every ones needs.  

“We do not limit our services to just cruise ships or visitors, which includes the private sector.

“I mention NCL in particular as this happens to be exclusive. By this I mean, if you can afford it, you can participate.

“NCL promotes this event exclusively to their high rollers that generally sail with them.  The participants buy in to participate.”

He continued: “I then sail on board with them to generate even more excitement, promote Bermuda and of course, Port Royal.

“At the opening reception, I host a random pairings party where the players will see and meet who they are playing with for the first time.

“When we arrive in Bermuda the players have a day to practice and enjoy other activities in Bermuda.”

Mr Madeiros said a twist this year is that the players will have a shot to win $1 million, but they have to navigate the challenging 16th hole to win the prize.

“Once the event is finished, they enjoy drinks at Port Royal. On the sail back to New York, we have a final prize presentation before they all rush to the casino to spend their winnings.”