Christopher Famous
Christopher Famous

‘Cause people without a vision perish like suicide

You tell me it’s not about color

Still you refuse to take the picture off the wall

All you do is trick the brothers, keep them confused

They don’t know who to call in this critical war

— Tarrus Riley

Every time that I think I can take a break from politics, the OBA does something to prove they really are trying to trick Bermudians. Let’s start with some recent statements from OBA Chairman Thad Hollis:

“The OBA Government inherited a bloated and unsustainable budget”

The Budget is what it is, because the PLP chose to employ and help our fellow Bermudians.

“The One Bermuda Alliance did make promises during our Campaign”

One of your promises was to only shrink the civil service via attrition. So Mr Hollis please tell us why Bermudian government workers, with families, were made redundant on Thursday March 28,2012?

“A member of the Opposition was invited to sit in Cabinet.”

For any PLP MP to join an OBA cabinet, they would in reality become part of the OBA. Newsflash: We don’t sell out. We stand strong for Bermudians.”

“Consultancies and frequent travel have been reduced.”

The budget for consultants remains the same as under the PLP. Yet the travel budget for Cabinet has actually increased by $50,000.

“Ministers’ pay has been cut.”

“When asked about Ministerial pay cuts, the Premier again told Bermuda that it was ‘not possible’ to make them effective immediately, so they couldn’t come into place until April 1. However, the former One Bermuda Alliance leader, John Barritt, in The Royal Gazette contradicted this statement. When asked whether the salary reductions could have been retroactive he wrote, ‘They could have. “You can look it up in the legislation, Ministers and Members of The Legislature (Salaries and Pensions) Act 1975. It’s there in black and white: Section 2(3).” — PLP statement, March 28

“Support is being given to career and job training for young Bermudians.”

So can you clarify why the OBA cut scholarship funding?

“We have no interest in hurting anyone, least of all our seniors.”

OBA increased taxes of Bermudian seniors living on fixed income, whilst giving multi-million dollar tax breaks to non-Bermudians.

Total hypocrisy.

What has proved the true hypocrisy of the OBA’s slogan, “Putting Bermuda First” is the following statement.

Who’s first?

“We have no interest in putting foreigners first and Bermudians last”

OBA Senator Fahy, fully intended to offer children of guest workers the ability to work without a work permit. Had the PLP and Bermudians not stood up for Bermudian children, this would now be in effect. It is actually still part of the OBA’s intentions.

“The Ministry is also content that the quality of life issue as it relates to the dependents of work permit holders can be set aside and revisited at a later date once the economy has improved.” — Feb 18, 2013. Mr Hollis we suggest that you admit to the actions that the OBA has carried out against Bermudians within your first 100 days. You tax and fire Bermudians, whilst your leader is moving into a mansion funded by taxpayers.

“If we use a safe amount of $75 a week just for gas that is over $1.1 milion a year. If my information is correct can someone explain why we are spending all of this money to drive people around Bermuda. Most cases one person per car?” — Nalton Brangman, April 19,2012

Interesting question Minister Brangman. Perhaps you can explain why is it you are the lone driver of GP13?

“Premier Craig Cannonier today announced that the fleet of GP cars has been reduced to six.” — Bermuda Sun Jan 18,2013

Thus far the following vehicles are now in use by the OBA cabinet

GP1 Premier Cannonier


GP 5 Minister Wayne Scott

GP 9 

GP 10 Speaker of the house Horton

GP 13 Minister Nalton Brangman

44168 Premier Cannonier

31445 Chief of Staff Dale Jackson

Berkeley maths tells me that is eight vehicles so far. Eight is more than six, correct? The OBA have continuously shown, that the well-being of Bermudian; children, government workers and seniors, is secondary to their own pleasures. There is a saying,  “When you are in a hole, stop digging.” 

“Dem a run-a - come-a - come-a wid a gravalicious;

Sehd, a run-a - come - come-a wid a gravalicious.

See de hypocrites, dem a-galang deh!

See de hypocrites, dem a-galang deh!”

— Bob Marley