The statement released today by Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy, citing the support of the removal of Term Limits by Opposition Leader Marc Bean is erroneous and disingenuous at best. 

Mr Bean has not declared support for this move in any forum and Minister Fahy is irresponsible for suggesting this.

Please be advised that the Progressive Labour Party has not released any statement citing a revision to our existing view of term limits. 

Prior to the December 17 election, the PLP had committed to widespread immigration reform, and those discussions continue within the Party caucus.  Our primary concern is the need for there to be opportunities for Bermudians to ensure career progression and development. 

The Progressive Labour Party understands the need for expatriate workers in Bermuda and supports the policies that make it more accommodating for them to set up employment and to relocate to Bermuda, however, we also must strike a balance between this accommodation and ensuring opportunities for qualified and capable Bermudians are provided.

A note of concern is that this major policy change is a swift departure from the OBA campaign promise of a two-year suspension and review of the term limits policy. 

Once the PLP discussions on Immigration reform are complete, a statement will be released from the Party stating our position.