Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva: 

The Bermuda Police Service would like to recognise the career of Deputy Commissioner Mike Jackman, who retires today after 32 years of policing in Bermuda.

Mr. Jackman began his initial training in 1982, joining the Bermuda Police Force as part of Recruit Foundation Course #31.

During his policing career he chaired the Bermuda Police Association from 1996-1999, was ultimately promoted to Deputy Commissioner in December 2009 and more recently was awarded the Overseas Territories Police Medal for Meritorious Service in June 2012.

Undoubtedly, his service has helped to make Bermuda safer.

Mr. Jackman, a proud Barbadian and avid sportsman, will be returning to Barbados at the end of the month to enjoy his retirement. We wish him a safe journey home and all the best in his future endeavours.