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You’re planning to get pregnant: Get cracking — the Government says the country needs a bigger population to spark economic growth

You’re struggling to make ends meet: Good news – no tax hikes

You like liquor and cigarettes: Cheers! No new sin taxes, either

You like a flutter: Casino gambling is on its way.  Three licences will be granted only to new hotels. Get ready to buy your chips and your sequined evening dress

You get a shock every time you see your electricity bills: Could be good news on the horizon. Government to examine BELCO monopoly and say ‘Bermudians have paid for non-competitive environment’

You’re struggling to find work: Government is extending the tax break to new Bermudian hires for another 12 months, along with tax breaks for business in hospitality, retail and restaurant services. Airport/causeway improvements, Morgan’s Point development, new hotels and introduction of casino gambling are also touted as future new job opportunities

You work for the Government, but are worried about your job security: Relief — you won’t be made redundant this year. Warning, though, that future cuts will come from staff cuts from mutualization/privatization, which won’t happen immediately but are the subject of ongoing talks

You’re complacent in your Government job and don’t like change: Look out — there is potential change ahead. Government is considering the following departments for mutualization, outsourcing or privatization, to cut costs. Airport Operations, Emissions and Vehicle Testing, Aircraft Registry, Ship Registry, CITV, Waste Management, Vehicle and Equipment Operation and Maintenance, GEHI and Health Insurance, Parks Maintenance, Water and Sewage, Department and Social Insurance, Highway Maintenance and Conservation Service

You’re abroad, have the skills and always fancied living in Bermuda: This may be your chance. Government said immigration ‘must be made easier ‘ and that a ‘successful and vibrant Bermuda economy cannot happen without the participation of the outside world’

You’re Bermudian and you believe expats take jobs from Bermudians: Oh dear… see above

You’re rich through dodgy deals and you want to hide your ill-gotten gains from the taxman: We are NOT a tax haven and ‘this country will not take attack on its economic model lying down’

You need a loan: Government says it has got your back. Fed up with banks having ‘no appetite for lending’, while they ‘continue to layoff Bermudian staff’.  Government in discussion with banks to ‘correct this’

You’re an entrepreneur looking to get your business up and running: Government says it will create a ‘favourable and fair’ environment and plans to outsource some public services. Budding business people must pick a service that’s needed though — Government has no interest in schemes that lack promise

You’re an east-ender who’s fed up of getting cut off during hurricanes: Government wants public-private partnerships to develop a new Causeway that can withstand hurricane — and a new aiport terminal that won’t flood

You’re in the market to buy property: The currently ineffective tax break is being extended for another year but this time with red tape cleared.

Healthcare costs scare you: Government is ‘formulating’ plans to reduce high bills. Worryingly, it also admits healthcare is like ‘a fast care with no brakes’

You’re a team player: You’re in — Government likes you. Bob Richards signed off with a rally cry that ‘now is the time for all of us to work together’