Left: Joshua Robinson with daughter Jayla, now three. Right: Mom Suzanne Robinson, right, and daughter Hannah. *Left photo supplied, right photo by Kageaki Smith
Left: Joshua Robinson with daughter Jayla, now three. Right: Mom Suzanne Robinson, right, and daughter Hannah. *Left photo supplied, right photo by Kageaki Smith

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27: A grieving mom yesterday appealed for parents to keep close tabs on their children and to take some responsibility for the gun violence plaguing Bermuda.

Suzanne Robinson was speaking after son Joshua was gunned down in a barbershop at the weekend.

She said: “Our young men are going through a lot and have been through a lot. We as parents have to take some of the responsibility for what’s going on.”

The victim’s sister Hannah appealed for help in solving the crime: “Joshua wasn’t a bad guy and he didn’t deserve this.

“Any little piece of information could help. I know there are people in the community who will know something, but they’re scared for their lives.”

Mrs Robinson said parents “need to step into their children’s lives and find out where they are and who they’re seeing and be more involved in their lives.

“Parents have to be involved with their children or they will lose them to the streets. Fathers particularly have to be involved in these young men’s lives.”

Ms Robinson, of Pembroke, said she had last seen her son less than two hours before he was murdered in Jason’s barber shop on nearby North Shore Road. Mr Robinson was a 31-year-old father-of-three.

She added: “He mentioned he was going to get his hair cut. He left about 3.45-4pm – that’s the last I saw of him.

“People have to do what’s right and stamp this out – nobody deserves to die in a vicious way like this.”

Sister Hannah, 34, said she was sure her brother was not a gang member — although she said living in the St Monica’s Road area, Joshua, his three sisters and brother grew up with and knew people who were.

She added: “We all grew up in the same neighbourhood — he knew people who were, but he wasn’t in a gang.”

It is the second time the family has been hit by tragedy and violence — Mr Robinson’s cousin Kenwandae ‘Wheels’ Robinson was shot dead as he sat out on St Monica’s Road on May 22, 2009.

Another man was seriously injured. No one has been charged in connection with the shooting.

Hannah said: “We have been here before and we have an idea of the grief — we’re a very tight-knit family. The support has been tremendous and we want to thank everybody for that.”

She appealed for anyone who has information that could help the police probe into the shooting, which happened around 5.20pm on Saturday. She said: “All people have to do is find the goodness in their heart and do what’s good and right. They don’t have to give their names and any information would help.

“We need to stop these killings — they will keep going on until we stop it. It’s a matter of people putting their foot down. That’s the bottom line.”

Mrs Robinson added: “If I can give help or advice to help stamp this out, I will. Anything I can do or say to help.”

Terrified customers fled in panic after a gunman wearing dark clothing and helmet with a tinted visor burst into the barbershop and shot Ms Robinson several times.

The man escaped on a silver or dark-coloured step-through motorcycle, which was driven by another man, also dressed in dark clothing and wearing a dark-coloured helmet with a tinted visor.

One neighbour said: “I didn’t hear anything, but I saw people running towards the shop then I heard the ambulance and police cars. I’ve never seen the man who was shot before, but he didn’t live far away from here. It’s very frightening – it’s getting real brazen now.”

Another neighbour was inside her home watching TV when she heard the gunshots. She said she didn’t know what they were and a member of her family went outside to see what the noise was.

The woman described hearing six gunshots and saw everyone scramble out of the barbershop. Dozens of police officers arrived and the area was cordoned off with crime scene tape.

Mr Robinson attended Victor Scott Primary School and later Devon Lane School. He worked in a variety of jobs, including landscaping.

He had three children, seven-year-old twin boys, Jaylen and Jaylon and a daughter, Jayla, aged 3, with girlfriend LaToya Ible.

A funeral service for Mr Robinson will be held at the Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church on Sunday afternoon.