Historical theme: Westgate’s float in progress. *Photo supplied
Historical theme: Westgate’s float in progress. *Photo supplied

Inmates at Westgate are busy putting the final touches to the float they will enter for this year’s Bermuda Day parade.

Eleven prisoners in total, many of whom are part of the Lifeline group, have helped to create the float from scratch.

They have also designed and decorated the boat with the 1775 gunpowder plot in mind as the theme for this year’s parade is Historic Treasures.

Commissioner of Corrections, Colonel Eddie Lamb said: “We are very proud to be participating.

“Thus far, inmates and staff have contributed a tremendous amount of work and energy into designing, building and decorating our float, which is looking rather spectacular right now.

“From within the walls of Westgate will emerge a fabulous display of what can be achieved when we apply the right amount of positive energy, unity and effort into a common goal.”

On the day of the parade the float will be manned and escorted by officers and staff from Corrections, all of whom volunteer their time.

Mr Lamb added: “The float bears a multitude of features that depict our historical treasures and I have no doubt that it will receive rave reviews as it makes its way along the Bermuda Day Parade route.

“I am extremely proud of the collaborative and dedicated efforts of our staff and inmates, to all of whom I give unreserved credit and commendation for their achievements on this project.

“Bermuda Day is a time when we should all be proud of our heritage and this float will showcase the Bermudian pride of our inmates and staff alike.”