Anthony Swan *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Anthony Swan *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, JUNE 29: Anthony Swan got down on his knees and prayed on his first night in Westgate after the cell door slammed shut.

Swan, 24, is serving 12 years in prison for his involvement in a failed attempt to shoot Raymond “Yankee” Rawlins in Hamilton in December 2009.

He said: “I remember the door closing. I woke up in the night and hopped out of bed. I looked through the small strip of glass in my room with the light shining through it. I could not get back to sleep after that.

“I asked myself ‘where are you going?’ and then I got down on my knees and prayed to God.”

Swan said Westgate had pulled him out of the old world he had lived in before and helped him set new expectations for himself.

He said: “ I am here due to the choices I made when I was 21.

“Choices have consequences.

“It is obvious that I made a wrong choice so my message would be to set better expectations for yourself.

“My choice back then was based around my expectation of myself.

“Westgate has helped teach me that. It is all about the conception you have in your heart.”