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A new water pipeline to the island’s prison is expected to save up to $48,000 a year, Government said yesterday.

Westgate Prison in the west end currently uses piped in drinking quality water to flush its toilets — with an annual water bill of as much as $120,000 a year.

But now WEDCO, the operators of Dockyard, has installed a new pipeline which will pump reclaimed water suitable for non-drinking purposes, which will slash the present water bill.

Public Works Minister Trevor Moniz said: “This mutually beneficial arrangement has provided savings to both parties and reduced potable water consumption. Ministries and WEDCO working together to ensure that infrastructure is improved in the most cost-effective manner while also providing for substantial savings in the long term.”

The work was carried out as part of WEDCOs programme of improvements to the area, with no cost to the the Department of Corrections.

In addition, WEDCO teams also fixed a leaking Department of Corrections water tank, which will now be used for the storage of reclaimed water for use in the sprawling prison.

The tank will also be monitored and maintained by WEDCO staff.