Karl Outerbridge has always been a man with a plan.

First it was in the field of international cycling and then it was the cut and thrust world of re-insurance.

That was not enough though and in 1999 he ventured into the fire fighting profession, which saw him based at LF Wade International Airport.

He has now turned his hand to running a successful business that combines all his passions in life.

Outside the Box Thinking offers cutting edge technology and a better way to organize your life and your business.

The firm is the only supplier of Parrot and Beacon Wireless products to Bermuda and also sells Garmin goods.

And the products on offer range from hands-free cellphone gear to equipment that monitors a business’s fleet of vehicles as well as response times.

Mr. Outerbridge has high hopes for the technology to be snapped up by the police force, taxis as well as companies across the island.

He said: “The aim of the company is to be a resource for people to better manage their businesses and their lives.

“It can help you if you have moveable assets.

“We also have a range of products for your personal life from Garmin GPS to Apple iPhones.”

In creating Outside the Box Thinking Mr. Outerbridge has also combined his love for new technology and gadgets with sport in the hope of providing athletes with equipment that will give them the edge in competition. He himself took up competitive cycling at the age of 18 and went on to represent Bermuda in races across the world.

He said: “I learnt from my time racing and also my time in the fire service that success is all about team work. “I have raced in the U.S., Caribbean, and the U.K.

“The highlight of my cycling life was competing in the 1991 Pan Am Games Team Time Trial and Road race in Cuba.

“My main role on the national cycling team was as the helper rider; these riders block the wind for the team captain, give him their wheel or even their bike if his broke, chase down the competition, ride themselves into the ground for the sake of the team captain winning the race.

“I found this more rewarding than winning.”

He added: “Today I want to ensure that I can help anybody who wants to excel in speed-based sports whether it’s running, cycling or motor racing.

“On the company website you can watch how I am using the Garmin fitness devices and accessories to reach my goal of challenging the hour record in my age group.”

Recently Mr. Outerbridge has been at the forefront of a bid to bring the thrills and spills of Class 1 Powerboat racing to Bermuda.

He met with representatives from Class 1 last year when they visited the island to see if Bermuda had the potential to host the event, which is the equivalent to a Formula One Grand Prix, but for powerboats.

Initial plans to bring the race to Bermuda in 2010 had to be put on hold while financial backing was secured.

But now Mr. Outerbridge is confident that Bermuda could host its first Class 1 race in October 2011.

He added: “A lot of work has gone into getting this project to where we are today and a lot of people have been involved in it.

“We are hopeful that Bermuda will host its first Class 1 race late next year.

“And from then on we would be looking at it being an annual feature in the calendar for around May.

“It’s a very exciting project to be part of and a lot of people have been very positive and supportive of the project too.”

There is much more in the pipeline for Mr. Outerbridge in the coming months as his business continues to go from strength to strength.

He is already planning a bid to set a new distance and speed record on a Jet-ski in Bermuda by racing from the mainland out to North Rock and back, twice!

The project is still in its early stages – but Mr. Outerbridge hopes to raise big money for the Learning Disability Association charity by completing this daring feat.

Asked if he has been surprised by how Outside the Box Thinking has grown he says: “I guess I have been in some ways.

“But the whole reason I started the business was because there was a gap in the market that needed filling.

“It has been an incredible experience so far and I believe there is still much more to come.”

You can find more out about Outside the Box Thinking and the gadgets and equipment that are on offer by visiting the company’s website at https://otbt.bm/home.html.