*Image courtesy of www.PortBermudaWebcam.com
*Image courtesy of www.PortBermudaWebcam.com

Salvage workers spent this morning raising a boat that had sunk in the North Basin at Dockyard.

The vessel, which is called Christal, sunk on its berth in a matter of minutes on Saturday morning.

The boat's owner, Jimmy Anthony Junior, said that a friend had been staying on the boat just before it had sunk, but escaped unharmed.

He said: "The person on the boat had gone out to have coffee at around 6:45am and called me to say the boat was sitting a bit low in the water.

"And in just a matter of minutes the boat was on the bottom.

"Fortunately that person was not hurt, but the boat is finished.

"There is oil from top to bottom inside and it would have to be gutted to get it back on the water again.

"I only bought it a few months ago so I'm heart broken."

The reason the boat sank on its berth has not been determined yet.

This morning the salvage operation by Crisson Construction was captured by the Port Bermuda Webcam.

Crisson Construction boss, Charles Crisson, told the Sun: "We had around four or five guys working on getting this boat up this morning.

"It was pretty straightforward really – we put slings underneath her, brought her to the surface and then pumped it out.

"I took around three to four hours to complete.

"We don't really know what happened for the boat to sink – it could be a lot of things.

"The boat is at West End Yachts and being looked at now."