Somerset (no joke): Far left, comedian Nadanja Bailey with friend and Bermuda Sun acting GM Glenn Jones at last year’s Somerset victory Cup Match. *Photo supplied
Somerset (no joke): Far left, comedian Nadanja Bailey with friend and Bermuda Sun acting GM Glenn Jones at last year’s Somerset victory Cup Match. *Photo supplied

It’s that time of year when the pride from Somerset and St George’s goes into overdrive. Not only are the flags flying but so too are the insults. Yells of “Blue and blue is the same colour!” or “Stop ya nonsense and remember who has the cup!” are not uncommon among fans. Bermudian  Facebook profile pictures mysteriously turn to red and blue and blue and blue, and the colours are boldly worn in the streets.

But what really makes Bermudians so loyal to their team? We asked this question to some of the people in the arts and entertainment world who often find themselves in the pages of this section. The results were not pretty... 

Nadanja Bailey — comedian

“I am a Somerset supporter hands down I have always been. Red is my favourite colour and red goes with blue nicely. Whoever thought of navy blue and light blue was obviously fishing off the rocks. When you hurt yourself and you bleed, we all bleed the colour red, which is a beautiful colour. When I was in primary school there was a saying, ‘don’t mess with best cause the best don’t mess, if you mess with the best you will be a mess. And the best team comes from the west.’ 

“I am looking forward to Cup Match it is my favourite holiday and Bermuda has some great cricket players and I look forward to a good game... 

“May the best team win. (The team that has the cup). 


Rowan Ramotar — promoter

“I am 100 per cent blue and blue. This year ‘Som-r-upset’ is going to change to ‘Most-r-upset’. Lol. The cup will stay in the east this year. After all, lightning only strikes the same place once.”


Ami Zanders — artist

“Blue and blue all the way! Blue is the winning colour of those cheap ribbons teachers pass out to children during sports day! Only the winners get shiny blue ribbons. Red is the colour of second place. Red means you’re the winner of the losers. However, I can’t wear blue and blue during this time of year.  I currently live in Somerset. Somerset people have been mighty neighbourly. I have a good thing going in Somerset. People offer to take me home from the grocery store when I’m carrying more than I can handle. So for this time of year I will be wearing blue and blue underwear in support of St George’s. That’s the safest way to do it.”


Wendell ‘Shine’ Hayward — saxophonist

“I am a blue and blue guy all the way. Could not help it. Cricket being a big part of our heritage as a people and my father being a big part of my heritage as a young man, red and blue did not stand a chance with me. My father was best friends with Clevie Wade’s and Wendell Smith’s fathers. Need I say more?”


Vejay Steede — promoter

“I’m blue and blue to the bone! I was born and raised in St George’s and I’ve never had a choice in the matter — not that I ever needed one! St George’s is, and always will be, God’s Country, there’s no debating that. I am actually emotionally incapable of wearing the colour red during the months of July and August!”


Imari Wade — rapper

“SOmeRseT!!! I was born red and blue, my grandpa was Somerset Cricket Club President and made sure his ‘youngins’ and grandchildren have that same up bringing. Football and majorettes for and cricket for the boys...but overall we eat, drink and sleep red and blue!”


Patrina ‘Power Girl’ Paynter — radio host

“As you see in this picture the Somerset team represents Super Heroes. 

“Think about it Spiderman, Super Man and Wonder Woman all wear red and blue just like Somerset!

“St G. didn’t know what was coming last year… and we are ready for them again this year! BRING IT ON!

“There will be a Somerset party at Power 95 studios the Saturday after Cup Match again this year!”