Bermuda College today announced the placement of 40, S4 students from the public high schools into its Dual Enrolment programme in either Freshman English or College Algebra for the Spring 2014 semester, starting January.  The figure represents the highest number ever in the history of the College's placement testing.

College Recruitment Officer, Thaao Dill and College staff have been working diligently with high school teachers, counsellors and parents to promote and encourage preparation for the placement test, which he says, is vital for success. "Placing the right emphasis and preparing the student properly can make all the difference between coming prepared to the College to begin post-secondary courses, and having to do one or two foundational years before they get to the college level," he said. "This means all 40 will be getting started with a college class in January, and by May have earned college transfer credits that can be used towards continuing their associate programme at the College, or used to transfer to an overseas university, all before they even finish high school!

Bermuda College is very pleased to welcome these students onto campus and would encourage other students to consider the dual enrolment option. We're committed to setting Bermuda's students on the path to success, and these 40 have made a good start in preparing for, and looking after their future."

An orientation session for the students and their parents is scheduled for Wednesday, December 18 at the College. For more information, contact BC Recruitment Officer, Mr. Thaao Dill at 239-4099, or