Janeiro Tucker *File photo
Janeiro Tucker *File photo

Somerset have decided not to mess with success and have retained the entire team that won an easy 10-wicket victory over St George’s.

Several spots were never in doubt such as Captain Jekon Edness, vice captain Malachi Jones or Mr Cup Match himself Janeiro Tucker.

Also returning from the 2012 winners are Terryn Fray, Tre Manders, Stephen Outerbridge, Kamau Leverock, Jacobi Robinson, Greg Maybury, Derek Brangman and Chris Douglas.

Chairman of Cricket at Somerset, Mike Corday, told the Bermuda Sun: "We're pretty darn confident we have a winner. It was a case of not wanting to fix something that wasn't broken. No matter how we sliced it we came down to the same players. We could have changed some of the players but that wouldn't necessarily mean we were strengthening the team. It would be silly to change something just for the sake of change."

Part of that success belonged to Greg Maybury who had a thrilling debut as a colt in taking five wickets for the Red and Blue.

One of the stories for 2013 will be to see if Tucker can surpass Charlie Marshall as the all-time runs leader in Cup Match. Tucker is on 1270 while Marshall has 1357.

Somerset's squad will still be very youthful with only Tucker, 38, and Outerbridge, 30, in their 30s.