Global Research & Strategy Group Ltd. conducted a telephone poll between July 12th and July 19th with a representative sample of 404 registered Bermuda voters. (Margin of error +/- 4.9%). All telephone calls were made in Bermuda using a team of talented local interviewers.

"As the PRC conservation moves forward it is important to continue the dialogue with the community in a way that fosters education, compassion, and transparency. I am pleased to attach the full results of our recent poll," Dr. Leslie Steede, Director of Research.


The key findings of the poll :

1) The majority of the public DOES support granting Bermudian Status to PRC holders (57% percent support, 33% oppose, and 9% do not know). 

2) A series of True/False questions, revealed  misconceptions held by voters regarding what the rights of PRC holders really are.

- Can PRC individuals buy homes in Bermuda (65% True, 23% False, and 12% Don't Know).

- Can PRC individuals currently work in Bermuda without a work permit (58% True, 29% False, and 13% Don't Know).

- Can PRC individuals vote in Bermuda (17% True, 72% False, and 10% Don't Know).

3) Majority of voters said that PRC individuals should have to be in Bermuda, 10-19 years (29%) and 20-29 years (28%) before they are entitled to Bermudian status.

Global Research & Strategy Group Ltd is a local market research company owned by Dr. Leslie Steede and Nosheen Syed with offices in Hamilton, Bermuda and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


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