There were shrieks of terror on Front Street on Wednesday night as Bermuda Sun deputy editor Don Burgess jumped in to a box full of cockroaches. 

The insane dare was part of a charity event How Much Would You Pay to See Me…? which raised funds for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda mentoring programme. 

Others to have participated in the charity dares were Bermuda Sun photographer Glenn Tucker, Miss Bermuda Katherine Arnfield and Chewstick’s Gavin Smith. 

Other dares included kissing a pig and eating an insect. 

Prior to the event, Mr Burgess was walking around the street with a plastic cockroach glued to his t-shirt.

He laughed: “I saw a couple of people shudder and step back thinking it was a real one, but it was just a way to have a little extra fun with it.”

Don Burgess was non-plussed by the whole affair. He said: “It went so quickly. It didn’t bother me at all because I was concentrating on making sure the roaches did not crawl out of the box so I was knocking them down off the sides. Because of that, I couldn’t even tell if any crawled on me while I was in the box. I did feel, and later saw a gentlemen knocking some off my back after I stood up, but I was so much in the zone I didn’t feel any creepy-crawly roaches on me.

“I was surprised when Nadanja announced there were 200 roaches as I thought there were only going to be around 75, but that didn’t bother me — I was already in the box.

“I could barely hear with ear plugs in, but when I tried to hand back the empty container that the cockroaches had been in, it spilled onto the stage with many squeals of horror from the crowd near that end. It was purely accidental, but definitely added to the ‘ick’ factor.

“It was a great experience being able to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’m not sure what my final tally was, but I had at least $1,660 at the end of Harbour Nights.”

The charity is still calculating the full amount raised throughout the evening.