Welcome to another episode of weekly randomness, otherwise known as 6.0 Minutes.

So it’s hello Roku, goodbye CableVision.

Recently many Bermudians have begun installing Internet television. Whether it be Apple TV, Roku or some similar device, it seems the days of CableVision boxes are becoming limited.

With these devices, one simply has to hook up their box to their wireless internet network and then they are able to receive thousands of movie and television channels. 

You can access shows and movie channels such as On- Demand Netflix, Hulu, Cracker and many others. Basically you name it, you can get it now on your television.

What is more attractive to many, is the cost savings. With the box costing $100, and yearly service costing about $200, that is $300 in total. Compare that with one year of Cablevision costing near $2,000, this migration away from cablevision is not surprising.

I would suggest to Cablevision, that they lower their prices, or increase services. Once these devices catch on even further, most CableVision customers will not be turning back. Now, let me go catch up on the latest episode of House of Cards on Netflix. 

Flight 370

Like people everywhere, Bermudians are at a loss to figure out what could have possibly happened to Malaysian Air flight 370.

At first many thought it simply crashed into the ocean. Then reports of lowered altitudes and transponders turned off brought in a whole new twist.

After over a week with no clear indication of a crash or ransom demand, the plot has certainly gotten thicker and thicker. It seems even with the ability of the NSA to listen to every conversation and read every e-mail, even the Americans cannot find a plane.

Ironically, the plane’s disappearance has cause the term ‘Bermuda Triangle’ to become a buzzword online. Whether it be on Twitter or fake web pages, Bermuda is gaining some traction online due to this unfortunate situation.

All I can think of is the series LOST. 

Bermuda voices

Life is about evolving and growing. More importantly, it is about meeting new people and learning new things and skills. Over the last two years I have been writing weekly columns.

In order to write these columns, I have had to spend countless hours talking to many persons of all walks of life and read tons of information, facts and figures. I hoped to have been able to impart this knowledge to you, my readers.

Part of the evolution of Bermuda is for people with different perspectives to be able to speak to each other and not just speak about each other. 

Where am I going with all of this, you ask?

Stay tuned Bermuda, your voices will soon be heard. 

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