Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley today paid homage to the Island's National Heroes:  Dame Lois Browne-Evans, Dr. E.F. Gordon, Dr. Pauulu Kamarakafego, Sir Henry Tucker and Mary Prince.

"Our Island home has been blessed with a tradition of men and women committed to selfless public service and whose lives have been spent almost entirely devoted to improving the circumstances of the people.

"We all have personal heroes, in our families, in our churches and communities. They do good work and we honour them with respect and gratitude. The five men and women who are Bermuda's National Heroes are so designated because their service to our Island transcends the personal; it was legion, it was exceptional and it was transformational."

Acknowledging that the tradition of recognizing National Heroes is a relatively new one, Mr. Dunkley says," In the midst of this growth we should still celebrate these Heroes and the lasting national impact of their lives. We do that by sharing their stories with our children to ensure that their memory never fades.

However we spend this holiday we should do so in the spirit that is exemplified in each Hero's life story. The common bond of these national figures is a spirit of selflessness and a sense of community that challenges us to emulate their exceptional example. Dr. Pauluu Kamarakafego put it best when he said: 'My philosophy in life is that we should always give back to society wherever we are... giving back can be in many forms; teaching, informing the public of their rights and working with them and volunteer work'.

Wishing all residents of the Island a safe holiday, the Premier concludes by saying: "All of us are called to some form of public service one on the Island, and in these economic times we have unique opportunities to give back to society. National Heroes Day can and should be a day of service and commitment. We are strongest when we work together."