Diverse: Chewstick celebrates its 11th anniversary this weekend and acts include, pictured above clockwise from main image, ChewSlam. Jorge Suarez and Mike HInd. They will perform at the Earl Cameron Theatre tonight and tomorrow evening. *File photos

It’s been 11 years since Chewstick opened its doors as an open mic venue and the organization has come a long way since then. 

Now an established charity, Chewstick organizes a multitude of community projects, educational programmes, international tours, creative retreats and concerts. 

They will be celebrating their 11th anniversary milestone this weekend with two eclectic evenings of music and entertainment.

There will be a presentation to help people learn more about Chewstick and how to get involved whether through volunteering or otherwise. 

The entertainment line-up will be diverse reflecting the diversity found within the organization. 

Deidra-Lee Bean told the Bermuda Sun: “During the last four years as a charity, we have added new outreach and community projects but we still come across people who don’t understand Chewstick. Or because we do so many things — some people’s understanding of Chewstick is limited to whichever part of it that they experience. We are looking to invite people in to see the comprehensive picture of what we are. 

“It is not only the large scale national events, it’s not only small scale events; it’s not just programmes which help people to sharpen their skills or introduce people to a new way of doing things and understanding themselves and each other; its not just international tours or creative retreats or collaborating with other organizations it is all of that and more. It is not even just artists — it is storytelling and we are not limited to one demographic.

“Our musical last year was awesome in telling the story of Chewstick but when we first conceptualised doing it on a larger scale (this year) it was meant to help people to understand what Chewstick is now and to invite them in to helping to getting involved and growing themselves. 

“That is part of the reason the show is so eclectic so there are poets there are rappers, there are dancers and storytellers.” 

For more information about Chewstick visit www.chewstick.org