A candlelight vigil was held for Nelson Mandela in front of the newly painted mural at the Chewstick Foundation tonight. 

More than 50 people of all ages and races attended the vigil. 

It started at 5:30pm and went on for 27 minutes for the 27 years Mandela spent in jail.

It was also attended by politicians Michael Dunkley, Wayne Scott, Glenn Smith, Dennis Lister, Governor George Fergusson and his wife Margaret.

Everyone in attendance held a lit candle and sang many verses of This Little Light of Mine - including traditional and made up verses.

Glenn Fubler of Imagine Bermuda organised the event and said: "As we wind down, remember that this is holy ground. We want to remind our community that they're walking on holy ground.

"Holy in terms of spirit. Right across the across the road from where a group of men organised the first school where black and whites could attend, The Berkeley Institute. 

"As we celebrate Chewstick and their mural, we're remembering the legacy of Nelson Mandela."

A memorial service will be held at City Hall on Sunday at 4pm.