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Attendees at a memorial celebration for Nelson Mandela were encouraged to stay true to their beliefs and values even in difficult times. 

People from all walks of life filled the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity today to remember Madiba with tributes given by Governor George Fergusson, Acting Premier Michael Dunkley and Reverend Musawenkosi Daba.

Rev Daba, a South African national, gave a rousing tribute and encouraged the congregation to remember Mandela’s legacy.

“We have come together to remember and give thanks to God for the legacy of Nelson Mandela. 

“We have come together, here we are people of different walks of life from different nationalities. People who have families throughout the world, here we are together.

“Our hearts as human beings are together at this time to remember. We have come together to remember a dark past yet not staying in that past. 

“Today, we have come together to remember victory. We have come together to remember the rise from the ashes. 

“To remember the breaking free of shackles. If we are to come together to remember Mandela, we must be in every way like our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Mr Dunkley said: “In the days since the passing of Mandela, powerful men and women all over the world have joined every day citizens to lend their voices for the life and work of a truly great man. 

“The life of Mandela is a paradox when we examine it closely, we’re confronted with how difficult it can be to stay true to our ideals and core values at all times.

“His life shows us that every right and wrong can be subjected to the trends of popular culture at the time. Mandela never waivered from his pursuit of truth and justice.

“His life reminds us that even great men have some flaws and make some mistakes.”

Mr Fergusson said the world will probably never see another man like Mandela. 

“I know a number of words have been used in the last week and many more will be used between now and the funeral tomorrow. 

“I think of several aspects of Nelson Mandela. They’re reflected in the extraordinary mix of commemorative views. 

“A mix of raw genuine emotion and sadness. His funeral in particular is something being particularly celebrated. 

‘We will not see someone like Nelson Mandela again for a very long time.”

In addition to the tributes, there were many songs sung including the South African National Anthem.