Tip top: The UDP dancers from last year’s Christmas show.  *Photo by Troy Jennings
Tip top: The UDP dancers from last year’s Christmas show. *Photo by Troy Jennings

United Dance Productions is to host “A Soulful Christmas Performance” at Ruth Seaton James Centre tomorrow evening (Thursday, December 19).

The performance represents Christmas through the wonderful world of dance and music. There will be some choreography by Bermuda’s own Eric Bean and Dawnita Smith.

UDP founder Suzette Harvey said: “It’s Christmas time and we would like to extend Christmas joy to everyone and invite them to join us for this must see performance. The costumes are so beautiful with the little ones dressed to look like Christmas trees and we will open the show with Christmas Party Hop. There are also reindeer costumes with Santa riding the sleigh, Frosty and more.

“This Soulful Performance is guaranteed to uplift your spirits. 

“We have so much talent blossoming in our school it is very exciting to watch them grow through each and every performance. This will be a family show, spiritual and uplifting.”

The selection of music for the evening is fun for some pieces like Rom Pa Pom Pom, The Christmas Party Hop, Reindeer Games and Born This Day performed by UDP’s young stars age 8 who do not hold back an ounce of energy in their hip-hop dance. and spiritually uplifting for others Now Behold the Lamb a modern piece with an ensemble of nine will open after the intermission with  dancers in beautiful red long dresses dancing to the sounds of Kirk Franklin. 

Tickets are available from www.brownpapertickets.com for $35, $50 or $100.