The Bermuda Civic Ballet proudly presents Romeo and Juliet. *Photo supplied
The Bermuda Civic Ballet proudly presents Romeo and Juliet. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, AUGUST 17: Imagine sitting under the stars in a beautiful park with the cool breeze blowing while watching a world-class ballet show.

While this may sound like a dream, it will be a reality next week.

The Bermuda Civic Ballet proudly presents Romeo and Juliet to celebrate its 40th anniversary under the patronage of Sir John Swan and Lady Swan.

The show features eight international dancers from the Croatia National Ballet and a guest teacher from London.

It is expected to be a one of a kind event with dancing, music and narrative from the classic Shakespeare play.

Tomislav Petranovic and Edina Plicanic play the leads and the show is being directed and choreographed by Svebor Secak.

There will be more than 40 Bermudians involved in the production as well.

Secak said the show will be special for Bermuda.

“I am very happy to be able to do such a nice and big production. It’s a large-scale production that involves international artists and local talent.

“Let me point out that this choreography is made especially for the island and this occasion.”

“This production is supposed to be traditional but not old-fashioned.

“We will have not only dancing but also Shakespeare lines.

“It will be put in narrative so the people can follow the plot and enjoy the dancing.”

Petranovic and Plicanic have danced together and both are Croatian.

He said: “I am playing Romeo and she’s my Juliet.

“We danced together for the first time 26 years ago.

“We have known each other since we were kids.”

Petranovic explained he has danced in this story many times and has played all the roles.

Plicanic added: “I am very attached to this role because it was my debut as a principal dancer.”

Asked why people should come to see the ballet, Petranovic said: “I mean come on, it’s Romeo and Juliet.

“It’s probably the most beautiful ballet, the dance and the story together.

“If you don’t like this then there’s probably something wrong with you.”

 “The combination of the open air and the setting — The music is incredible, the story is incredible —It’s something that no one should miss.

“I’m sure the ladies will enjoy it but the guys who don’t enjoy it will have to come anyways.”

Plicanic said they have been preparing for the production for months in Croatia and are excited about the show.

“The most beautiful performances are open air from my experience.”

Petranovic added: “The performance will be an experience not only for the people who watch it but for the people who perform in it as well.

“I think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Both dancers spoke of Bermuda’s beauty and hope to enjoy the sites before they leave.

Patricia Deane Gray, founder of the Civic Ballet said she finds for the most part, people aren’t into the art of dance and think of dancing as “wiggling, clapping and stomping.

 “They’re not really into the discipline of dance. The art of classical ballet is very different.

“We have always promoted the art of classical ballet although we have done all kinds of other things as well.”

 “We’re interested in the discipline of the art and the education aspect.

“I always say what we’re trying to do is create working, living sculptures which is an investment of the choreographer to work with.

“It’s a live investment.”

Mrs Deane Gray also encouraged the community to come to the event.

“The fact that it’s out of doors, the fact that they have professional dancers in as the leads.

“We rarely get to see really good professional dancers.”

The ballet will be held from August 22 to 25 at Fort Hamilton starting at 8:30pm.
Tickets are $45 for adults, $35 for seniors and $15 for students under 16.
For dinner at Taste 141 and the show, tickets are $150.
They are available at Liberty Theatre, City Hall and