MONDAY, APRIL 16: The Premier was involved in a security scare today - well, sort of.

Dr. Ewart Brown was sat listening to tributes in honour of the late PLP leader Freddie Wade at the airport when a man walked straight up to him. He was able to shake the Premier's had and tell him he loved him before press secretary Scott Simmons and chief of staff Wayne Caines intercepted.

The incident was over so quickly that the hundreds of people in attendance hardly noticed.

The man, who was wearing thick glasses and a denim jacket, was later found to be in possession of a box cutter, according to Mr. Caines.

Dr. Brown appeared unshaken by the incident, describing the man as "mentally ill".

It's unclear whether or not the man was subsequently apprehended by police.

Earlier this year, sources close to the Premier said he was thinking about getting a bodyguard. It followed an incident at the cabinet building when police had to be called to remove a drunk.