* Bermuda Sun file photo
* Bermuda Sun file photo
Speculation about the re-opening of the 9Beaches Resort has proven true. The hotel, which is owned by former Tourism Minister David Dodwell, is to remain closed for the rest of the 2010 season as it gets an $80 million upgrade.

The Bermuda Sun reported on April 23 that staff were concerned the hotel would not reopen this year.

At that time manager Robin Gilbert said he expected to be able to reopen for the main summer season tourist season.

Some resort staff, who spoke to the Bermuda Sun, were under the impression the resort would not open at all.

"First we were told April 1, then we were told mid-April, now they're telling us to look for other work," said one waitress. "I've been waiting to get back to work since December. I need this job to pay my rent."

It was announced today the hotel has teamed up with Nordica Development to carry out an $80 million re-development.

Premier Dr. Ewart Brown said: This development is yet another step on the path to revitalizing Bermuda's tourism product to ensure we regain our reputation as a first class resort destination.

"This new development is also going to provide jobs during the re-development as well as additional jobs once the resort re-opens in 2011."

The hotel normally employs around 60 people during the height of the tourist season.

Dr. Brown said: "All indications are that plans are being finalized, details worked out, and ground is expected to be broken later this year."

He added: "This is a good day for Bermuda. In this challenging economic climate, that a company such as Nordica is willing to invest in our tourism product speaks to Bermuda's bright future and our reputation as a first class island to visit - and do business."

Works and Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess said: "There can be no doubt that 9Beaches is located in one of the most beautiful and serene spots on earth. We know that a first class product will unfold there over the next few years and we look forward to countless visitors enjoying its unparalleled magnificence and hospitality for year and years to come."