Zharrin Simmons *File photo by Kageaki Smith
Zharrin Simmons *File photo by Kageaki Smith

THURSDAY, JULY 12: A defendant on trial for a knifepoint robbery told a jury she didn’t give police an alibi because she doesn’t trust them.

Zharrin Simmons took the stand this morning at Supreme Court.

Ms Simmons, 20, and brothers Ezra Williams, 27, and Ezra Ararat, 25, deny robbing Victoria DeCoute and Kenneth Williams at knifepoint on August 27 last year and stealing jewellery, a BlackBerry cell phone and money.

The court heard the complainants were sitting in a car on Hermitage Road waiting to buy drugs from Ezra Williams when they were allegedly attacked.

In her evidence today, Ms Simmons told the court she was not present during the altercation on Hermitage Road.

She said she happened to arrive at the hospital a few minutes after Ezra Williams that night.

The crown has alleged that during the incident, Ms Simmons pulled out a machete and accidentally hit Ezra Williams.

They then allegedly attended the hospital and were identified by the complainants.

But Ms Simmons said it was a coincidence that she arrived after Ezra Williams and said he only stayed five to ten minutes.

During cross-examination, Crown counsel Garret Byrne said: “Kenneth Williams and Victoria DeCoute say you were there that night.

“Are you saying they made a terrible mistake or they’re lying?”

Ms Simmons said the pair made a terrible mistake.

After questions, Ms Simmons admitted there was no history of bad blood between herself and Kenneth Williams.

She also said she didn’t know Ms DeCoute.

Mr Byrne continued: “Is it a coincidence that they happened to identify you as being there and you happened to know Ezra Ararat?

‘That’s a complete coincidence?”

Ms Simmons said yes.

“And it’s a complete coincidence that they happened to identify you and you happened to know Kenneth Williams?”

Again, she said yes.

Mr Byrne continued to quiz her.

“And it’s a coincidence that they happened to identify you and you happened to show up at a hospital shortly have the robbery took place?”

Ms Simmons said: “Yes, that’s a coincidence.”

Mr Byrne then suggested she was there that night, stole the jewellery from Ms DeCoute and “accidentally” struck Ezra Williams with the machete.

Ms Simmons said: “Not at all.”

As for where she was that night, Ms Simmons told the jury she was at her father’s house in Deepdale, Pembroke alone.

Asked why she didn’t tell the police, the defendant said: “I’ve been through a situation and in a nutshell, I don’t trust the police and I know where they were going with this.

“I didn’t have anybody to say I was there, I was by myself.

“They were telling me I was guilty so I exercised my rights as far as I can.”

Lawyers are expected to give closing speeches this afternoon.