Veteran United Bermuda Party member David Dunkley has quit the party after 28 years.

Yesterday, Mr. Dunkley, a businessman who lives in Point Shares - the wealthy, overwhelmingly white enclave that is a bastion of UBP support - is citing the same reasons as Jamahl Simmons for tearing up his membership card; white racism.

Mr. Simmons, who has been a UBP MP since 2003, made the shock announcement on Friday he will not be contesting his Pembroke West seat at the next general election.

In a press conference on Monday, Mr. Simmons attributed his decision to bow out of politics on the machinations of small group of whites within the UBP, who wanted to replace him with a candidate who though black was more to their liking, former UBP Cabinet Minister Erwin Adderley.

He accused UBP of tolerating racism within its ranks for failing to deal with the white clique who wanted Mr. Adderley as their parliamentary representative.

The resignation of Mr. Dunkley, who was not an MP, was unconnected.

Yesterday, Mr. Dunkley, who has been a member of the UBP for 28 years, said he resigned in October around the time that Ewart Brown became leader of the PLP.

He declined to give detailed reasons for his resignation, saying only: "I resigned because of racism in my neighbourhood of Point Shares."

Among Mr. Dunkley's business interests in recent years have been the now-defunct Fitness Centre on Brunswick Street and a construction company.

Asked about the connection between Point Shares residents and the UBP, he said they financially supported the party.

Mr. Dunkley, who is a Corporation of Hamilton alderman, said Mr. Simmons' decision not to run again was not surprising to him.