An e-mail is doing the rounds urging taxi drivers and their families to boycott the liquor firm, Bacardi.

The call follows this week's announcement that Bacardi is sponsoring a free mini-bus to take drunk clubbers home at the weekend.

Make a stand

The e-mail sent by a JD Shadrack says: "Starting Saturday May 5, 2007 make a stand along with your family and friends. Do not purchase any Bacardi products."

It goes on: "While we support the concept of having drunken drivers and riders off the road we cannot support businesses that sponsor initiatives that will deplete our earnings."

In practice, starting this Saturday, two minibuses will leave Front Street opposite the Emporium at 1:15am; one will travel east, the other west. Each will carry about 15 passengers.

The service will be repeated at 3:15am from the same location. If the buses are fully utilized about 60 people will benefit from the free ride home.

The e-mail that was sent out does not represent the views of all taxi drivers.

Edward Darrell, who runs Radio Cabs, scoffed at it saying: "If Bacardi held a party for taxi drivers they'd be there in a shot."

Little impact

Mr. Darrell told us on Wednesday that he supports initiatives that are designed to keep drunks off the road and that he doubts two mini-buses a week will have a significant impact on cabbies' livelihoods.

We left a message at Bacardi yesterday but no-one didn't return our call. We also contacted Mike Ray, the president of taxi firm BTA (dispatching) Ltd. He didn't call us back either.