Thursday, Nov. 5: The island's newest political party will call itself the Bermuda Democratic Alliance. The group will host a press conference at 1pm today at the House of Assembly to formally announce the name and outline goals to lead Bermuda to "A Better Way."

It was founded by six defecting members of the UBP - Shawn Crockwell, Donte Hunt, Sean Pitcher, Mark Pettingill, Wayne Scott and Sean Pitcher.

According to the party's Facebook page, other people joining the party include blogger Sean Soares, construction boss Alex DeCouto, PR person Kristin White, advertising boss Sean Collier as well as Chris Burns and Michael Branco.

Mr. DeCouto will serve as the caucus chairman for the BDA.

The group's Facebook page has attracted 92 members since being launched yesterday.

Among the people who have joined the Facebook page are Robin Simmons, Cathy Belvedere, Ralph Richardson, Micheal De Mello, Choy Aming and Daren Herbert.

The Facebook page says the party "seeks to provide the people of Bermuda with a government that stands for equality of opportunity, social and economic justice, fiscal responsibility, security and safety, environmental sustainability, transparency, honesty and fairness in government for the benefit of all of Bermuda's people."

It adds that it will aim to promote "a political philosophy that is rational, liberal and progressive: rational because we base our politics on the principles of reason and free inquiry; liberal because we stand for a market-based economy and liberal democratic society; progressive because we understand our principles and values to be forward-looking and universal in scope.

"The Alliance offers a Better Way. A way that will reject the use of race or class as a means to political success. A way that will reject all forms of corruption in political and public life. A way that will be the leader in responsible and open government. A way that will make Bermuda relevant for all Bermudians.

"The Alliance is guided in its activities by the principle of non-discrimination and equal rights for all, and is guided by the over ruling principle that all people are equal before the law."

The party has also launched a website at but there was no substantive content as of 9am this morning.