* Photo supplied. Teacher Leyde St. Leger will travel to Haiti in early February.
* Photo supplied. Teacher Leyde St. Leger will travel to Haiti in early February.
Haitians living in Bermuda are to tell their stories in a documentary to "share the pain" they feel for their country.

Teacher Leyde St. Leger is one of about 15 Haitians who will talk about their experiences in the "frank and open".

Filming is yet to begin but those involved say it will be a "round-table discussion giving different perspectives".

It is being made by TNT Productions and due to air next month.

Mr. St. Leger, who teaches at Sandys Secondary Middle School, lost his aunt and cousin when their home collapsed. Many more of his family were left homeless.

Mr. St. Leger, a M2 team leader and math teacher, said: "It will give us an opportunity to educate Bermuda on Haiti. Bermudians will be able to see how this earthquake has affected people living around them.

"We all feel the pain for our country. I care about my kids in Bermuda as much as the kids in Haiti."

Mr. Haiti will accompany a group of U.S. doctors on a relief trip to Haiti from February 1-5. The trip has been organized by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Mr. St. Leger, 33, will be the team's leader as he can speak Creole, has a U.S. military background, has friends and family in Haiti and knows the island.

He said: "If I could I'd get on a plane today."

Since the Bermuda Sun told Mr. St. Leger's heart-breaking story last week, his phone has not stopped ringing.

He was born in New York to Haitian parents and has lived in Bermuda since 2008.

He has been interviewed on ZBM news and was invited to speak at the Hamilton Seventh-day Adventist Church last Saturday. As he spoke to the congregation, the bodies of his aunt and cousin were dug out of the rubble.

Tomorrow, Mr. St. Leger will speak at Southampton Seventh-day Adventist Church and give a speech at the CableVision Salute to Service banquet.

He is in talks with the West Indian Association, Jamaican Association and Barmuvinjam to host a fundraiser this month.

Mr. St. Leger will also assist with the organization of Tag Days to be held on January 27 and February 3.

He is "very exhausted" as he has kept working full-time while coping with "everything going on". But he vowed to continue fundraising and raising awareness to Haiti's plight.

Mr. St. Leger said: "I almost feel guilty I'm so fortunate while my friends and family are going through so much.

"This is all I can do so will try to do more of it. I will do whatever it takes."

Mr. St. Leger is in constant touch with friends and family in Haiti via phone and Facebook. His former school, Quisqueya Christian School in Port-au-Prince, is being used as emergency housing for the homeless.

He said: "The news can't portray just how bad it is.

"There is no food supply, so even the few who have money are scrounging for food like everyone else."

Mr. St. Leger praised his co-workers and students as "phenomenal".

M1 pupils made posters saying "Help Haiti" and "Give Haiti a hand", while M2 students invited him to their churches and gave sympathy cards. The school raised more than $3,000 at a grub day last week and has a "room full of clothes" to be sent to Haiti.

Mr. St. Leger said: "The kids and my co-workers have been so supportive. I've definitely felt the love from all of them."