Name: Angela ‘Twiggy’ Dill.

Age: 35.

Representing: Paget.

Marital status: Dating. Three children, two girls and a boy aged 14, 11 and five.

Job: Cosmetologist, Le Chic.

Weight and height: 210lbs, 5ft 1”.

Society’s attitude to big women: A lot of people think big women are sloppy and untidy, but that’s not true. And we get a lot of stares from skinny people.

My attitude to being big: I love my size. I’m very confident. Nothing bothers me about it at all.

Best thing about being big: Large women are sexier. Men nowadays are looking for a woman who’s got a little bit more meat on her.

Guilty pleasures: I love to enjoy a nice plate of food. My favourite meal is barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese and broccoli or cod fish and potatoes.

Why I entered the pageant: I thought it would be a good thing for me. One of my clients told me I couldn’t do it because of my speech impediment, because I stutter, so I’m about to prove them wrong.