A policeman keeps the peace after the brawl in the club house.
A policeman keeps the peace after the brawl in the club house.
Armed police broke up a brawl in the club house at Wellington Oval this evening as violence marred the conclusion to Cup Match.

As the teams were beginning to gather for the presentation on the pitch a row erupted in the lower bar of the St George's club house.

The fighting spilled out on to the terrace that overlooks the oval and fans who had gathered for the presentation could see chairs being flung across the crowded balcony.

Officers who had been policing the presentation raced to the car park, where a young man wielding a shovel was squaring off against another man with a bottle.

Onlookers scurried for safety while others scrambled for a better view. One bystander said he had seen youths throwing bottles at each other before police broke up the disturbance.

An armed support unit arrived to restore order before the Cup presentation finally got under way shortly before 9pm.

No information on injuries or arrests was available tonight.

Deputy Premier Paula Cox, who was in attendance to make a speech at the presentation, said she hoped the 'incidental' would not overshadow what had been a great Cup Match.

St George's skipper Lionel Cann, without specifically alluding to the incident, urged everyone to have a safe Cup Match and for Somerset and St George's fans to celebrate together.