Ewart Brown has been pretty quiet these past few weeks - until today.

In his most revealing interview since he became Premier three months ago, he weighs in on all the big issues; the crisis within the United Bermuda Party, the controversy over Special Development Orders and why he's convinced the Progressive Labour Party will win the next election.

Speaking to him in his own home, we meet a leader as confident in his own skin as he is about the direction he's taking the country in.

Tourism, hotel development and an investment in sports are his main targets and as he explains inside, they all have the potential to improve our lives, if not financially, then certainly in the development of a "national spirit."

Having already committed millions of dollars to cricket, the Government is about to announce a "similar commitment" to football, Dr. Brown reveals. Expect an announcement next week.

His philosophy runs deep. He tells us: "If human beings celebrate sports together, there's a greater chance that they will come to know one another and I am convinced that when that happens, human beings break down the barriers that are placed between them, because they don't happen naturally."

He talks about the PGA Grand Slam tournament and what it will do for the island. The only downside is the lack of hotel beds - another reason why he fully supports the development of two new hotels, despite what the environmentalists say.

"Some people call themselves environmentalists, but they are really anti-concrete," he says.

"Being against concrete doesn't make you an environmentalist. Sustainable development gets thrown around as something that precludes the building of new properties. But if we cannot sustain three, four, five hotels in Bermuda, we may as well go back to the drawing board."