What to make of Dr. Browns challenge for the party leadership?

Well first off, anyone is preferable to Alex. Okay, we said the same thing about Jennifer but that was before we had to suffer compromise candidate Scott.

Between them, Jennifer and Alex fed the mob with bread and circus, making every fear anyone had of a PLP government manifest and with little positive results to show for it. Its probably safe to say that at a minimum Ewart is the lesser of two evils (maybe).

He is definitely capable. No one can honestly argue that the man is not effective, charismatic and result oriented.

Alex has the ponderous presence of a career politico and a modicum of snappy dress sense but beyond that he's a vacuous, spinmeister, most adept at deflection, deferral and division. We have endured years of his reacting, sloganeering and dodging issues with the net result that the only traction the island has witnessed has been the result of Dr. Brown's efforts. It would be fair to say that Alex has been one of the best things to happen to the UBP since 1998, they would miss him most.

Ewart radiates confidence and capability. He can speak intelligently and articulately on most issues in a political arena where just constructing a sentence is laudable.

He has lied to us but find a politician who hasn't. He did 'fess up' to it too; a quality conspicuously absent in the rest of his government. We don't always like what comes out of his mouth but that too is a common complaint against politicians and columnists alike. He's a savvy politician, well aware that the first job of a politician is to get elected, by whatever means necessary.

Racially charged rhetoric and an election night knife-in-the-back are just tools of the trade.


Do I trust him? With my life and my future, no, but then I don't trust politicians in general, that's why I write. I do trust him to be motivated by the same things that motivate most people who seek power.

Many are distrustful of him because they believe there's a big chip on his shoulder. Perhaps there is. Perhaps it's justified. The measure of the man will be how he uses that chip to steer his path. I've been waiting, poisoned pen in hand, to see him exact the revenge that many fear he is preparing for the generic Plantation owners. To date, beyond rhetoric, he has been pragmatic; he has used all the resources available to him and kept any personal animosities largely to himself.

There are many in this community who are living in the past, stuck mentally in the 1960s. Ewart strikes me as a man moulded by his past but living in the present and looking to the future. That doesn't stop him picking the scab when it suits his purposes but his actions speak of a man determined to prove his detractors wrong, not only by achieving the highest seat in the land but by demonstrating that he can do a good job in the role.

His biggest challenge will not be the moderate electorate but rather the anchor draggers in his own party.