* File photo. Labour Minister David Burch
* File photo. Labour Minister David Burch
Labour minister David Burch praised the police recruits for being Bermudian as it means less work for him.

The outspoken minister made his feelings known as he proudly welcomed the 'home-grown' new recruits to the ranks of the Bermuda Police Service.

Minister Burch told the police passing out ceremony "he could not be more pleased" that the 13 recruits were made up of 12 Bermudians and one spouse of a Bermudian.

He said they "exemplify a kaleidoscope of Bermuda" in terms of age, race and background.

Minister Burch told the crowd: "It is one less work permit that I have to give out."

It comes just days after Minister Burch came under fire for organising a Bermudians only forum to help determine the future of Government's controversial term limits policy for expatriate workers. To get into the meeting people have to provide proof of Bermudian status at the door.

Minister Burch also warned the new recruits not to let their family and friends "be the death of their career".

He stressed they "should not engage in any illegal activity" even if it's just running a red light or driving home after a few beers.

Minister Burch said: "This is not just a job, it's a career that becomes a lifestyle.

"You don't stop being a police officer when you take off your uniform, you cannot say it is your day off.

"You can't hang out with a posse engaged in illegal activity. If you have to, find new friends.

"Don't jeopardise your career, make smart choices."

Minister Burch said it was a proud day for all the recruits and he'd like to see them aiming for the top spot in the police service. He said Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva should "serves as an example to them all" as a Bermudian who worked his way up the ranks.

Minister Burch said: "Your service to Bermuda is greatly appreciated. Thanks for answering your country's call to serve. Continue to stand tall and proud.

"Most of the people of this country are law-abiding and support you, remember that."

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