Distraught: Kiddie Academy owner Sharon DeSilva reveals the mess left by the robbers. *Photo by Sirkka Huish
Distraught: Kiddie Academy owner Sharon DeSilva reveals the mess left by the robbers. *Photo by Sirkka Huish
The owner of a nursery torched and robbed wants to help the thugs who caused "so much damage and destruction".

Kiddie Academy boss Sharon DeSilva has written a message to the culprits telling them she pities them for "affecting the lives of so many innocent people".

She was distraught when she discovered her nursery in Laffan Street, Hamilton, had been broken into and set on fire last week.

The thugs caused thousands of dollars worth of damage and some parents are still refusing to let their children return due to the smoke damage.

But big-hearted Mrs. DeSilva wants to help rather than punish the culprits.


In her letter, she writes: "I have tried to understand you, or figure out why you would have done this to us, but there are so many things to ponder that I can't quite come up with a ­reasonable explanation for your actions.

"You are the only one that can answer these questions for me and if you are ­willing to contact me to ­discuss the above, then I promise that I will not ­prosecute you but I will try to help you if I can."

Mrs. DeSilva believes the culprits might be hungry or homeless but says they should have gone to her ­directly as she is known for helping those less fortunate than herself.

She insists she will try to help them in any way she can, especially by "teaching them the difference ­between right and wrong".

She added: "If you really don't care how your actions have affected the lives of so many innocent people... then I will pray for you."

Mrs. DeSilva revealed writing down her feelings about the attack helped her combat the stress she ­suffered after it.

The "message to the ­culprits" email is currently doing the rounds across the island.


By asking all her friends to forward it to their friends, it is hoped the thieves will eventually see it, especially as a Dell ­laptop was stolen from ­Kiddie Academy. Mrs. ­DeSilva suggests the ­culprits include "a female who must be a mother" as cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, diaper bags and school bags were among the items taken.

Anyone wishing to donate to the clean-up at Kiddie Academy can hand money in to HOTT 107.5's HQ in Union Street, Hamilton. Anyone with any information about the burglary and fire on September 9 should call police on 295-0011.