The City of Hamilton today announced that fountains will return to the front of City Hall. Making the announcement was Mayor of Hamilton, Mr. Graeme Outerbridge.

Mayor Outerbridge stated, “I am pleased to share that as a result of public consultation we have a direction for the new look of the front of City Hall. During a meeting held recently, concept designs were presented to the City Council. These concepts were approved.

“The concept design calls for fountains to be installed in the front of Hamilton’s iconic building. The exciting thing about the fountains is they can be covered when the front of City Hall is needed for events like the City Fashion Festival. The front of the building will remain a multi-purpose public space to further enhance and support community events.”

Mayor Outerbridge concluded, “We don't have a budget or start date yet. Once these items, together with the approved plans, are put in place we will share more details.”

*Concept images supplied