Power couple: Bill and Hillary Clinton have fond memories of vacationing here 30 years ago, when their daughter Chelsea was conceived. *Reuters photo
Power couple: Bill and Hillary Clinton have fond memories of vacationing here 30 years ago, when their daughter Chelsea was conceived. *Reuters photo
Bill and Hillary Clinton are returning to Bermuda 30 years after their daughter was conceived here.

The couple plans to fly by private jet to the island today (Wednesday) to take a trip down memory lane.

They are expected to vacation here for three or four days, depending on official engagements in the States - and on the progress of aptly named Hurricane Bill.

Mr. Clinton has previously said that daughter Chelsea, who is now 29, was conceived during a vacation spent at the Horizons cottage colony in Paget in the summer of 1979. In his biography he admitted he only learned that his wife was pregnant by reading about it in the Arkansas Gazette.

The couple had hoped to reminisce by staying at Horizons again. But as Horizons has been downgraded to a bed and breakfast it "could no longer meet the couple's needs," we were told.

The Clintons' staff were sent to the island to find a suitable place for them to stay - requesting somewhere with a maid service, a golf cart and a private beach.

It is understood Mr. and Mrs. Clinton have now opted for secluded Cambridge Beaches in Somerset. The plush, adult-only resort has a "clothing optional" sky deck and occasionally hosts sex seminars to improve couples' relationships.

Chris Evans, general manager at Horizons, said: "It was a real honour for them to think about staying at Horizons and we are very, very sorry that we couldn't accommodate them.

"Unfortunately we are no longer a full-service hotel and just couldn't provide the services they were looking for. They wanted an enclosed beach area and there was no way we could cordon off an area of the beach for them.

"It's great for Bermuda that the Clintons are coming. Bermuda should feel flattered. They are more than VIP's, these people are as important as it gets."

Mr. Clinton served as the 42nd president of the U.S. from 1993 to 2001 and Mrs. Clinton, now Secretary of State, was previously a U.S. senator and also a Democratic presidential candidate in the last U.S. election. They began dating while they were at Yale Law School and their only child Chelsea was born in February, 1980.

Mr. Clinton made improving race relations a major theme of his presidency, which prompted him to be called the "first black president." Meanwhile Mrs. Clinton recently praised "courageous" Dr. Ewart Brown for his decision to accept four prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

The Clintons have previously been known to vacation in South America, St. Thomas, New England and Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. At these locations they have been spotted horse riding, playing golf and fishing.

Bermuda is no stranger to hosting American presidents as Woodrow Wilson infamously visited the island with Mary Peck, a still married American woman. Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon, James Carter and George Bush Snr. have also visited the island over the years.

Richard Quinn, manager at Cambridge Beaches, said he had "no reservation for them" (the Clintons) and added "even if we did, we wouldn't talk about it."

Premier Dr. Ewart Brown's press secretary Glenn Jones said there were no meetings scheduled between the Premier and the Clintons.

He said: "We won't talk publicly about the vacation plans of the Clintons - or anybody else for that matter - but we think very highly of any vacationer who chooses Bermuda."

It is not known if Hurricane Bill, which last night appeared to be heading towards Bermuda, will affect the Clintons' vacation plans.