A gunman who blasted three people with a sub-machine-gun sent hundreds of nightclub-goers fleeing for their lives — among them three Bermudians.

Cup Match cricketer Dennis Pilgrim said he had to take cover behind a pillar to avoid being crushed by a "stampede" of terrified patrons.

One man was killed and two others wounded in the shooting, which took place in the early hours of Monday at the Volume club on Toronto's Richmond Street.

Mr. Pilgrim, who was with two fellow Bermudian cricketers in the club, described the pandemonium after other witnesses said they'd heard a dozen rounds go off: "Standing behind the pillar, you were wondering if the guy's going to come in here and start shooting again.

"That had everybody's heart rate going and people screaming and actually diving over the bar and just jumping over everybody. People got injured from the stampede – there was a lot of screaming and just panic."

More than 600 club-goers fled the building in terror.

"The main thing was you didn't want the guy with the gun to come onto the dance floor," Mr. Pilgrim said, "you didn't know if there was more than one person he was after."

Toronto media reports showed the gun used was an Uzi, which was developed for the Israeli army and is capable of firing 600 rounds a minute.

A man has been taken into police custody in connection with the incident.

Baileys Bay cricket player Mr. Pilgrim was on a 10-day tour as a guest of Willow Cuts.

"We were just out having a good time," he recounted from his hotel yesterday. "All of a sudden we just heard four gunshots go off. Inside the club was saturated [with people]."

The club has three levels and the trio was on the middle floor, below the rooftop patio where the shots were fired.

"You could see inside into the level on the roof and you could see outside as well by looking up," Mr. Pilgrim said. "It was like glass and people were on the top looking down and it was light up top.


"So when I heard the shots I saw people running. About 10 seconds later it filtered down into where we were and everybody scattered like a stampede."

The shooting took place just after 2am and reportedly killed one man outright. The two other patrons who were wounded are expected to survive.

"People just started running and there was only one exit," Mr. Pilgrim said. "There were too many people to actually get out one door. So I just stood behind one of the pillars so I wouldn't get trampled."

He'd been to Toronto before but this visit wasn't the same.

"The few times I've been here I've never experienced anything like this," he said. "But, just like in Bermuda, the violence is escalating. Fortunately, in Bermuda, guns are not readily available like that. You hear about them but you don't hear about them as much as you hear about them out here."

"What's amazing to me," he added, "is with the way they search you, pat you down, how somebody was able to get a gun in there."

He described the search of patrons entering the club as thorough.

"Females pat you down and tell you to stand up and put your arms out and they even go between your legs," he explained. "After that, there's a male security officer with a metal detector and he runs that over your body as well — around your shoes and stuff."

Despite the incident, Mr. Pilgrim would re-visit Canada's biggest city.

"I would come back," he said. "The difference is that this is one particular nightclub. Just reading the article in today's paper it [shows that this kind of thing] happened in other clubs where people were shot and killed in 2003 and 2005. Clubs have closed down since then and there's a possibility this club might not open up again."

According to a CBC report, police arrested a man shortly after the shooting, several blocks away from the nightclub. Police reportedly said they are looking for several suspects.

This was the city's 41st homicide of the year.