Premier Paula Cox prepares to lay a wreath in King's Square, St. George's. *Photo supplied
Premier Paula Cox prepares to lay a wreath in King's Square, St. George's. *Photo supplied
SUNDAY, NOV. 14: Premier Paula Cox joined Her Royal Highness (HRH) the Duchess of Gloucester, His Excellency the Governor Sir Richard Gozney, and other dignitaries, locals and visitors, when she attended a Remembrance Commemoration for veterans at King’s Square, St. George’s this morning.

Also on hand this morning was Deputy Premier  Derrick Burgess, Minister of Public Works; Dame Jennifer Smith, Minister of Education; US Consul General Grace Shelton; Opposition Leader Kim Swan; and St. George MP Lovita Foggo.

The Duchess was met by the chairman of the Royal Artillery Association, Neil Paynter, the vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Rev. David Raths, the Mayor of St. George, Kenneth Bascome, and introduced to a number of decorated veterans.

Her Royal Highness reviewed a parade of Sea Cadets prior to laying a wreath at the Cenotaph in memory of the fallen soldiers.

Following prayers and words of remembrance Her Royal Highness invited Premier Cox to join her in greeting residents and visitors in the town square before the procession travelled to St. Peter's Church for a morning service.

Premier Cox said: “The St. George community came out this morning to pay homage to those who had sacrificed and who were no longer here. Along with the pomp and pageantry of the occasion, was a quiet dignity that added elegance and stateliness to the ceremony.”

Following the church service, the Duchess visited the St. George's Town Hall and then lunched with guests at Tom Moore’s Tavern.

In her final public Sunday activity the Duchess visited the Masterworks Museum of Art.