Purrfect pals: Four-year-old Bailey Boyd frequently visits Flea to check on her “little furry friend”.
Purrfect pals: Four-year-old Bailey Boyd frequently visits Flea to check on her “little furry friend”.
"Have you seen Flea the cat?" Shop owners around the town of St. George's are hearing this question more and more often from tourists intent on meeting the cattiest "celebrity" in town.

He has his own website, receives postcards from fans overseas and takes advantage of photo ops with flurries of excited tourists.

"He is so well liked among the tourists," said Belinda Tartaglia who runs her own gallery on Water Street. "He has repeat guests that stay at the St. George's Club and go looking for him.

"One of the cruise ships actually tells their passengers about Flea so they can look for him."

Flea spends his days between Ms Tartaglia's art gallery, Vera P. Cards and the Island Shop where he sleeps curled up warmly in a little basket.

On sticky summer evenings you can often spot him watching the fish from the safety of the local glass-bottom boat.

"He's the official town cat," Ms Tartaglia added. "He has us all wrapped around his little paw. I tell the tourists he should be the next mayor."

The six-year-old orange and white cat is also a big hit among local children, who can be seen searching for Flea after school and on weekends.

Four-year-old Bailey Boyd is one of them and visits Flea with her mom whenever she has a spare moment.

"I like Flea," Bailey said as she stroked his head. "He's a happy cat and feels really soft."

Flea enjoys the finest local cuisine in town - including delicacies from Café Gio, the Supermarket and Tavern by the Sea.

But life hasn't always been so upscale for the cat who began life starved and "eaten alive by fleas" (hence the name) up at the old Club Med.

Flea's owner, Suzanne Hollis, found him clinging to life when he was barely a week old.

"We had friends visiting Bermuda who had sailed in and found two little kittens when they were exploring over where the old Club Med used to be," Ms Hollis explained. "Although one didn't make it, we managed to nurse one of them back to health - that was Flea!

"He was so small he used to fit in the palm of my hand!"

About four years ago Flea moved out of his home with the Hollis' after they brought home a rescue dog from the SPCA.

Although Flea no longer lives with Ms Hollis, he returns if he is feeling poorly.

Ms Hollis describes her pet as "street smart" and "independent," despite the fact he has wound up in various spots across the island after hopping into people's cars before they drive away from St. George's.

Ms Hollis added: "When we bring him back to St. George's he is so excited to be home - back on his turf."

She hopes to write a children's book about Flea in the near future.

People are constantly posting their sightings of Flea, along with photos of the celebrity cat, on his own online forum which can be found on the Trip Advisor website.

There are almost 30 postings since it began in July of this year.

To view Flea's online page, go to: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g147255-i208-k2925421-Flea_resident_orange_cat_have_you_seen_him-Bermuda.html