Brittonie Taylor *File photo
Brittonie Taylor *File photo

TUESDAY, FEB. 14: A Jamaican father-of-three who dragged a stranger from a bus stop and sexually assaulted her was jailed for 16 years.

Brittonie Taylor pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to sexually assaulting the woman on May 28, 2011.

In Supreme Court today, Crown counsel Larissa Burgess told the court the complainant was at the bus stop near her home when she decided to call her sister.

Taylor then approached her, grabbed her, pulled her backwards and then lifted her, carrying her away from the bus stop.

He repeatedly said, “Come with me”.  

The court heard the woman, an expat, was still talking to her sister who doesn’t live in Bermuda.

She told her sister to call someone in Bermuda before dropping the phone.

Ms Burgess said: “The defendant took the complainant to an area on the rocks where they could not be seen from the roadway and then dropped her on the rocks.

“The defendant said to the complaint, ‘Yeah, let me do this to you and then I will kill you’.”

The court heard the 30-year-old forced the woman to perform a sex act on him even though she resisted.

Ms Burgess said: “The complainant said that she could not breathe and pushed the defendant away at which time he put his pants on and lit a cigarette to smoke and sat by the complainant.

‘The complainant considered running away but had lost one slipper while being carried by the defendant and she feared she would injure herself on the sharp rocks.”

The court heard she begged Taylor to let her go and offered him money.

But Taylor refused and again threatened to kill her.

He then tried to have sex with her, ripping off her pants and underpants.

The woman was able to push him away and begged for mercy.

Ms Burgess told the court she again offered him money and they proceeded to walk back towards the bus stop.

Ms Burgess said when they got to the bus stop, Taylor offered to take her on his bike to the ATM to get money but she said no.

The pair began to walk and saw a police car.

Taylor ran off and jumped into the ocean.

Officers came to the scene and arrested him.

Taylor’s lawyer Marc Daniels told the court his client does not recall the incident and has mental issues.

He also said he was married and had twins with his wife and an infant child with another woman.  

Addressing the court, the defendant said: “I would like to apologise to the complainant, my family, the court and my children.

“I am really not that type of person.

“At the time of the offence, I was not in the right state of mind.

“I have no recall of what happened.”

During sentencing, Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves said: “It’s ironic we’re dealing with a case of this sort on Valentine’s Day.

“Instead, this is a day of pain.

‘This was a terrible attack upon this innocent young lady.

“Rape, pain, anger and fear imposed upon her by a cruel stranger, an unclean assault upon her that she is likely to relive forever.

“He then asks to excuse his behaviour on his basis of past mental history, loss of his father, is not supported by his psychological report not by the facts of this case.

“It cannot be excused, less his excuse that he could hardly remember what happened.

‘These events were strung out over too much time and there were too many elements to them to assist such a fine defence.”

Mr Greaves said there is a “strong urge” to put him away forever but the urge must be “tempered”.

‘There is a likelihood that when realised at some time in the future, this defendant should continue to be a real danger to the female members of the society.”

Mr Greaves then sentenced him to 16 years prompting the mother of his youngest child to scream in the gallery.

Time spent in custody will be taken into consideration.