A1 FENCING offers customers a choice of two types of chain link fence that can be erected quickly and at minimum cost.
A1 FENCING offers customers a choice of two types of chain link fence that can be erected quickly and at minimum cost.

If you are looking for a lasting and cost-effective way of keeping your dog safe and secure then look no further than A1 Fencing.

The firm has plenty of experience fencing in backyards across the island so that dogs can run free, and pet owners can rest easy knowing their beloved pooch is not going to escape.

It offers customers a choice of two types of chain link fence that can be erected quickly and at minimum cost.

Firstly, there is the heavy-duty variety that can also be used to create commercial dog kennels for larger breeds, as well as garden fences.

Then there is the PVC coated version that comes in green, black, brown or even blue and white.

Lynn Hamilton from A1 Fencing told Animal Tales: “The heavy duty chain link fence is ideal for keeping in bigger dogs like dobermans or German shepherds because it is so strong.

“It is durable and it also lasts a long time.

“With the PVC coated version we also allow our customers to choose from a range of colours.

“Many go for the green version, but one of the things we pride ourselves on is the fact the colour of the poles match the fences — they are all dipped in the same colour so it all looks uniform.

“That helps the fence to blend in to the background better too.

“A lot of people think of chain-link being used in basketball courts or even prisons, but in reality if it is done properly and with some thought given to the colours, it can look attractive while fulfilling its main role.

“We have the green fencing in stock but can order in all the other colours we offer.”

There is no yard too big or too small for the work crews from A1. They have build up considerable expertise in erecting fences as small as 3-ft in height to towering 10-ft designs.

They recently finished work on the fences around the National Swimming Stadium, which was completed in a striking blue coloured fence.


Furthermore, the natural bends and curves of the landscape will do little to prevent A1 from getting the job done owing to the new equipment they now have at their disposal.

Ms Hamilton added: “We have been in the chain link fencing business for around 15 years now.

“We started off as a maintenance firm, but now the residential fencing side of the operation is our meat and potatoes.

“We do some commercial sites too, and we also produce commercial kennels and dog runs.

“We basically try and make sure that what ever the customer asks for in terms of fencing of animals we can provide at the most cost effective level.

“The thing with chain link fences is they last for years and ultimately prove one of the most cost effective ways of securing your pet.

“We predominantly work on dog fences, but we have also had experience in the past of erecting cat fences around properties too.

“Which ever way you look at it, this is a great way of keeping your pet safe and secure, while at the same time allowing them to have the freedom to run wild within a defined area.

“Every house and every project is different and we treat each one according to what is best for the customer. We also offer a five-year warranty.”

If you want to find out more about getting a fence erected in your garden then call A1 Fencing on 292-3362 or call the firm's boss, Alan Whitecross, direct on 735-0134.

The firm, which is based in Southampton, will also provide you with a free estimate as part of the service.